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Mary Salerno (Office Manager)
Dobbins' Painting & Contracting

Mary Salerno is the Office Manager for Dobbins' Painting & Contracting in the Village of Lyons.  She originally started as a part-time employee after her retirement of 35 years in the meat department at Loson's Big M, but then decided that she enjoyed her job and has become full time.  She is currently on her fifth year.  "This was an occupational change.  I didn't expect to be here.  I started part-time with plans to retire.", says Salerno.

"Some things that are not planned have turned out to be the best things!"

Dobbins' Painting & Contracting is multi-faceted contracting service for both residential and commercial properties.  The company carries skilled workers that paint, does roofing, plumbing, electrical and construction, renovations and fire damaged structures.  To keep it all straight, Salerno's duties involve bookkeeping, invoicing, setting appointments and preparing quotes.

Salerno tells us that the company is set on using as many local vendors, contractors and suppliers as possible.  In doing her job, Salerno depends on several local businesses in order to attain exactly what's needed.

Do you have a favorite supplier who assists you often?

Yes!  One of our favorite ones is Santelli's Lumber.  They are very quick at helping us out and they are faster than some of the bigger companies.  And of course we use Old Lyons Hardware... they are so close and very convenient.

Are there any services that you can't find locally?

Not really.  We use all the local garages to repair our trucks.  We even use Sullivan Agency for our insurance.  Lucas has a strong desire to keep it local!

Originally from Palmyra, Salerno, has resided in Lyons for the last 37 years since she has married her husband, Lou Salerno.  She has three children, Kim, Angela and Lou III.

Dobbins' Painting & Contracting is owned by local resident, Lucas Dobbins.  For more information about Dobbins' Painting and Contracting, you can call (315) 946-3383 or find them on Facebook.

Support your community, go green and shop local!

* A partner project of the Lyons Chamber of Commerce


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