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Dear Neighbors,

Please report any suspicion of child abuse and sexual violence. April is Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.

Sexual violence and child abuse not only harm their victims now, but can increase the likelihood of long-term physical and mental health problems later, including alcohol and substance abuse. Those who have been abused may, in turn, create an environment of continued sexual and family violence and criminal behavior. The Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, Inc. (located in Newark), the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office and all Wayne County law enforcement personnel have joined together to promote the social change necessary to end this abuse. 

The National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day will be held April 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at several sites around Wayne County. The Sheriff’s Office, Wayne County Police Chiefs Association and WayneNet will collaborate and partner with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, inviting people to turn in old and unused prescription drugs and medication. In September 2010, 305 pounds of prescription drugs and medication were turned in at four sites in Wayne County through this collaboration. Our partnership will have eight sites this time around. A press release by the partnership will be released with more information and the location of the sites as the date gets closer.  

In March, training for correction officers, court security officers, deputy sheriffs and police agencies included these subjects: Blood-Borne Pathogens; Fire Extinguisher Use; Victim’s Information and Notification Everyday (VINE System); Amber Alert; Employee Assistance Program; Workplace Violence.  
Correction Officer Norm Bargerstock completed 25 years of service, Correction Officer Jim Jackson 20 years, Correction Officer William Reeser 15 years, and Correction Officer Vance Carr 10 years. I salute them for their service.
On March 18, Wayne County Court Judges Dennis Kehoe, John Nesbitt, Dan Barrett, and I had an “Employee Appreciation Ceremony” for the Court Security Officers at the Hall of Justice. These officers make sure all those that enter the Hall of Justice are safe and secure while in court proceedings  -- victims, witnesses, jurors, and the judges and their staffs. Thank you to the judges’ staff in organizing this event and to Mrs. Kehoe for the certificates for each officer. The Court Security Officers appreciate the recognition and certificates.       
On March 27, Correction Officer Mike Potlaski retired. Thank you, Mike, for your 24 years of service and always being available for overtime when it was needed. I wish Mike a healthy, enjoyable and long retirement.
In February, 142 males and 32 females (174 total) were committed to the jail facility, 150 court transports, 11,122 inmate meals were served and $21,675 were collected in bails and fines. Inmates worked a total of 1,729 hours of labor in laundry, facility cleaning and food service. Court Security Officers cleared 3,683 people entering the Hall of Justice through the magnetometer, securing 98 weapons (knives, razors, and scissors). Deputies traveled 86,145 miles on patrol, investigating 111 motor vehicle accidents, 1 missing persons, 19 animal complaints, 1,786 miscellaneous complaints, 405 minor crimes, 7 major crimes and 21 fires totaling 2,894 complaints received. Deputies issued 384 traffic tickets, 9 DWIs and made 47 criminal arrests. The Records Office processed 50 pistol permit applications and 72 pistol permit amendments requiring a Brady Check. The Civil Office served 203 legal papers and 79 Family Court orders, handled 6 evictions, received $112,591.83 and paid out $110,732.44 to creditors. $14,560.62 was remitted to Wayne County Treasurer Thomas Warnick for the county’s General Fund.

The 2010 Office of Sheriff Annual Report is posted on the office’s web site www.waynecosheriff.org. I encourage you to view all the areas of our website and become a partner with us in making Wayne County a safer place to live, work and visit.
Please contact me at 315.946.5797 or bvirts@co.wayne.ny.us with any questions or concerns you may have.


Barry Virts


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