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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (16-Apr-2011)

The Village of Palmyra has closed its RV dump station on NYS Route 31. This action, taken regretfully, was necessary to protect the integrity of the Palmyra Waste Water System. Location of other dump stations facilities across the country can be found on www.rvdumps.com.


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1 Comment to "Palmyra Closes Dump Station"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Big inconvenience to the local RV community and a lost opportunity for revenue by the politicians. Why not post hours and charge a fee? Have the sewer folks man the station four hours a day a couple days a week? This solve the control issue. But Vicky can't see beyond her tax relief for the MC and her vendetta to keep the "trucks" off the new paved SR21.

    Posted on Thu Apr 21, 02:20:00 PM EDT


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