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SUBMITTED by Marjorie Torelli, Western Finger Lakes Authority (22-Apr-2011)

Spring always comes in with a rush once we get past the winter weather left-overs. Many rush outside to clean up yards and buildings. Many also use that spring energy to clean inside as well. Fortunately, many towns and villages provide outlets for all that stuff we drag out of our yards, garages, closets and basements. Unfortunately, much of that stuff might end up in the already towering landfills in the region. Before stuff gets hauled away (and remember it does not disappear--we can see those landfills all too easily) each of us should ask questions about the stuff we no longer want on our property. Remember the mantra taught since the first Earth Day in 1970? Sure you do. Say it all together: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

There are so many ways to follow the three-word guideline. What follows are just a few suggestions. Many of you probably have many more.

First, reduce the amount of waste you produce. Before bringing something into your house, ask yourself where it will end up. Is it something that you will treasure forever or will it be used once and thrown away?

Second, if you have something you can no longer use, can someone else use it? There are so many outlets for clothing, furniture, toys, and electronics that almost everything that is still useable can be given away or sold. On-line outlets are especially useful. Craig’s List is very popular. Another outlet unique to western New York is the Mat-Ex Catalog where you can list materials that are free or low-cost.

Of course recycling is possible for many materials as well. Don’t forget nature’s method of recycling organic materials: compost. Composting will handle a lot of the organics from your yard and kitchen. It creates a wonderful soil amendment in a small space in your yard, even if you live in a village neighborhood. If you would like more information about composting, an easy on-line resource is Cornell University (type “compost” in the site’s search engine).

For more information about reducing waste, recycling and composting, please contact the Western Finger Lakes Authority (1.800.724.3867).


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2 Comments to "Spring Clean Up"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Great- Now that recycling has been DUMPED in to the laps of private haulers, WFLA is promoting it more.

    Posted on Tue Apr 26, 06:21:00 AM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Skeptical but, open minded for the long run.

    Posted on Tue Apr 26, 08:57:00 PM EDT


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