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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, 1816 Quaker Museum (30-Apr-2011)

What an exciting time was had by all today! Thirty some docents from the Susan B. Anthony House in Rochester, New York came to share and observe the ongoing journey of the 1816 Quaker Museum, located just over the Wayne County border in Farmington. Palmyra and Macedon were hotbeds of enthusiasm and growth during the early 1800's, and this building reflected the amazing voices of change.

It is exciting to see the newly evolving trails that are happening all over this area, for they will involve many of the museums and sites of conscience which now exist. We are also discussing the possibility of a FOREVER WILD FOR EVERYONE trail by this museum, and hope reigns supreme.

During the program presented, Prof. Judy Wellman presented a most interesting slide show and refreshments were served, including the ever present bowl of buttered popcorn. Many completed the day by having lunch at a nearby restaurant, and the crowd of docents went home to share the rich and expansive heritage of this area. We were blessed to have them, and would like to know of any other organization who would like to visit our next Open House in June. It will be held in the current Farmington Quaker Meeting House on Canandaigua Road with informational tours in the cemetery and across the street in our museum. Good things are happening in this world, and we are most assuredly one of them!


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