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SUBMITTED by Theresa Streb, Lyons Public Library (8-Jun-2011)

One World, Many Stories Summer Reading Club Registration at the Lyons Public Library

As in past summers, the Lyons Public Library will be sponsoring three reading clubs year.
  • “One World, Many Stories” is for children of all ages which features daily programs such as crafts, games and performers for the children, Monday through Friday at 1 p.m.

  • “You are Here” is for teens in 7th through 12th grade in which they participate in a 2-part book review/discussion which will cover 4 weeks and at the end there will be a pizza party/book review. The teens can also complete a Travel to Your Favorite Place poster about a favorite place that they have researched. The poster will be judged at the closing party by the public and a prize awarded.

  • The “Novel Destinations” Club is designed for adults, ages 18 and older. Adults can fill out book review forms which will be posted in the Library. They can also take the “Literary Settings Quiz” and see how much they know.
Registration for all three clubs starts Mon., June 27 and runs through Fri., July 1. The actual reading programs start July 5 and continue until August 6. Participants must read a minimum of 2 hours each week. Children completing their weekly requirement will receive a weekly prize. Teens and adults completing their reading will receive a ticket to fill out and enter the grand prize drawing for their clubs at the end. At the end of the 5 weeks, each club will have an Awards Ceremony where participants will receive a certificate and prizes.

Further information about the clubs and programs will be included in the packets that participants will receive when they register. These clubs are great fun and include lots of free activities for everyone. For more information, call the library at (315) 946-9262, email lyonslibrary@owwl.org or go to our blog, www.lyonslibrary.blogspot.com.


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