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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (21-Jun-2011)

Mayor Vicky Daly
Conversation with the Mayor

Once a teacher, always a teacher – there is much truth to that adage and its truth comes out in funny ways. Most, not all, but most, of the teachers I worked with were just as appreciative of snow days as the students. It was found time, an unexpected bit of serendipity. Of course, it meant rearranging schedules, but living where we do, experienced teachers were able to do that and had lots of opportunities to do so. Weather has and continues to have a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives and not just in a negative way.

My thought as I left for the Village Hall this morning was, let’s call a ‘sun day’. We have snow days, why not sun days? Why waste such a glorious summer (officially) day inside offices and shops and schools? Do you remember trying to sweet talk your teachers to move the class outside on a beautiful spring day? It seldom worked but the question had to be asked.

Adulthood and its responsibilities keep us inside doing what we are expected to do, but usually in better spirits because of the wonderful weather. So, what do we do – set a bad example for the younger set or just anticipate the opportunities to take advantage of summer? Sadly and reluctantly I must encourage the latter. Fortunately, there is much to anticipate – 4th of July in the Park; music at the marina; leisurely strolls along the canal trail, fishing at the marina, festivals – all free and all here. Watch for details on bulletin boards and the website calendar at www.palmyrany.com. Make your own ‘sun day’ when it suits your schedule – and enjoy. Create great memories for next February. Happy Summer!


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