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SUBMITTED by Bob Stopper

Activity at Lyons' Erie Canal Dock - 18 July 2011
  • Loson's Big M is assisting boaters with groceries
  • Jim Pacello of Jim's Mobil is assisting boaters
  • Boaters from Detroit will be here again tomorrow evening as they have friends who are motoring from Colorado, and they chose LYONS, NY as their meeting and reunion place
    • This is the third time this season that boaters have had a reunion / dinner with friends from other places: Chicago, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and now Colorado
  • 12 kayaks launched Saturday afternoon from the south wall and went to Clyde
    • 3 of the kayaks were manned by Amish
  • 14 boats were in the canal to view the Peppermint Days fireworks
  • We have received several inquiries asking the car and crowd capacity of the south wall park
    • one group of four boats from Michigan heading to Florida is trying to decide if they wish to meet relatives and friends from the East Coast in Lyons or in Seneca Falls
  •  STATS: last year at this time 12 boats had signed in at the fire house and stayed overnight at the dock
    • The Lyons dock should surpass 100 overnight guests this weekend
  • Lyons is eight (8) miles from the Thruway and is a friendly historical village
If you are interested in being a greeter please e-mail Robert Stopper rastopper@yahoo.com.


Boaters from Detroit and Oklahoma sharing map of Lyons, NY

Peppermint and Spearmint from Hotchkiss garden for Detroit cooking

Steve and Kate Smith from Oklahoma City


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3 Comments to "Lyons Dock Activity"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I am sure the canal is fine but there is no way you can justify the investment the village has made in the last couple of years. What is done is done but lets not keep throwing more tax money at it please.

    Posted on Fri Jul 22, 08:34:00 PM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    hey, is that Sam Elliot in the picture with the hat on and blue shirt.

    Posted on Sat Jul 23, 10:13:00 AM EDT

  3. Videomark Said,

    These boaters were the most wonderful people. I wish they would tie up their boats and spend the rest of the year in Lyons and Wayne County. HIstoric tourism is one of the leading industries driving the economic engine in these Erie Canal towns. When boaters stop in our communities they are spending money dining, shopping, and overnight lodging.

    Posted on Sat Jul 23, 10:33:00 AM EDT


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