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SUBMITTED by Zach Hussion, Sunnking Electronics Recycling (26-Jul-2011)

Electronics Recycling Company Sunnking Inc. Completes Acquisition Of Sister Company Sunnking Associates

Brockport, NY based Sunnking Inc., New York State’s premier electronics recycling, data destruction, and asset management company, is excited to announce that they have completed the acquisition of their sister company Sunnking Associates located in Lancaster, NY. By merging the entities together, the company now possesses a stronger platform for future expansion and development in the electronics recycling industry.

Already a leader in the regional e-cycling industry, Sunnking is the first e-cycler in New York State, and one of the first nation-wide, to receive the EPA’s R2 (Responsible Recycling) Certification. With its sister company now in the fold, Sunnking plans to accelerate their strategic plan of organic growth and acquisition. By gaining additional market share, Sunnking plans to add more regional jobs and expand their current footprint beyond the 3 sites it operates in Monroe and Erie counties.
“We are extremely excited to have finalized this transaction,” says Duane Beckett, President and Owner of Sunnking Inc. “The management team in Lancaster, NY led by Adam Shine, has provided us with both the experience and bandwidth to complement our senior management in its desire to build upon our past success. We are confident that this acquisition will help Sunnking continue to be a dominant force in the e-cycling marketplace.”
Last year, Sunnking Inc. recycled more than 10 million pounds of electronics, and is already setting a fast pace for 2011 with a 60% increase in volume compared to the same time last year. They continue to strive for zero waste production at their facilities, and currently boast a 97% recycle rate.

About Sunnking, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Sunnking Inc. is New York’s first R2 Certified Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction, & Asset Management Company dealing in end-of-life electronic equipment. Its facilities (located in Buffalo, Rochester, and Brockport, NY) specialize in collecting, refurbishing, reselling and recycling electronic products from residential and commercial suppliers throughout New York and surrounding areas. For more information, visit their website at www.sunnking.com or call 1-877-860-7866.


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