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SUBMITTED by Laurie F. Verbridge (13-Aug-11)

Sodus Bay Cyanobacteria Toxin Analysis for Samples Collected August 9th

Sample Site                      Cyanobacteria toxin analysis (Microcystins)

Leroy Island                        Trace levels (0.20 ug/L)
Skipper's Landing              Non-toxic (< 0.1 ug/L)
Third Creek                          Non-toxic (<0.1 ug/L)
Arneys Marina                   Non-toxic (<0.1 ug/L)
Katlynn Marina                  Trace Levels (0.14 ug/L)
Public Beach                        Trace Levels (0.14 ug/L)

All samples collected on August 9 analyzed for cyanobacteria toxins using the protein phosphatase inhibition assay, and visually looked at under the microscope. Samples generally show a large Anabaena bloom and significant amounts of Worenchia (two cyanobacteria that are expected to be non-toxic) but very little indication of toxic Microcystis species.

Trace levels of Microcystis were observed at Katlynn Marina and at the Public Beach. This visual results are confirmed by the toxicity testing that shows little to any microcystins toxins present but trace levels at Katlynn, the Public Beach, and LeRoy Island.

All levels observed are extremely low and should represent no risk for human contact.

SOURCE: Save Our Sodus E-News. Sign up for the free S.O.S. weekly newsletter at http://www.saveoursodus.com/.


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