two thousand twenty
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On behalf of our past, present and future Armed Forces and First Responders I would like to THANK
YOU for your generous support of our program. We are so thankful that you understand our mission
and were willing to “take action” which is the most important aspect to making our Tour a reality. The
milestones below demonstrate our raw success, but the intangibles are what really make our Tour and
this country so special.

We have a unique responsibility and distinct honor to represent our nation and everyone who has ever
worn a uniform in defense of our FREEDOM. Without your help, we couldn’t perform our mission in
our unique “USA” camouflage uniforms as a tribute to the HEROES we represent. Since 1990, over
100 million people have been reached in person or through the media while visiting 45  states and 12
countries. We are so thankful to you for being a part of our shared success. THANK YOU!

Each year, the results of our Tour are simply amazing as we conduct over 350 events both on and off
the field. We grow every year and have toured enough to know when we are in the company of special
people and organizations. Our MISSION would not be possible without your vital support.

The 41st  President  of  the  United  States,  George  H.W.  Bush  called  on  us  back  in  1990  to  make  a
difference in the lives of Americans while promoting SUPPORT FOR OUR TROOPS. Since that time
more than 25,000 personnel have participated in our HISTORIC program. Despite the many challenges
we face, especially during a time of war, your support and sacrifice help make our tour a success and
our mission a reality. The COURAGE we see in the lives of Americans is truly remarkable!
We greatly appreciate your support more than we could ever properly express and it means a great deal
to more people than you may realize. We made a positive impact on the following people 2005-11:

• 591 players were selected worldwide.
• Some could only play for a limited time. In some cases, just one inning
• 65 million people learned about our mission at over 350 events and through the media
• 637 teams and organizations in 45 states and 12 countries hosted an event or appearance
• 20 tons of sports equipment collected through Operation Slugger II with Louisville Slugger is
enjoyed by thousands of troops currently deployed
• Deployed units benefited from Battlefield Wound treatments
• Thousands of Americans have made a commitment to serve our country
• Over 50 tour players have been offered professional contracts or scholarships
• Purple Heart recipient CPL Cooper Brannon, USMC was signed by the San Diego Padres
• Veteran outfielder BMSN Johnny Hernandez, USN was signed by the Long Island Ducks
• LTJG Jonathon Johnston, USN drafted by the Oakland A’s in the 42nd  Round of MLB Draft

Our proven impact has earned support from the President, Congress and every  branch  of  the  armed
forces. The Tour is one of the most challenging and rewarding PATRIOTIC experiences today. We
THANK YOU for your dedication and the great support you provide in your community that directly
impact our brave men and women. Our joint dedication to the success of our Tour will continue to
promote a positive image in support of our first responders and armed forces while attracting future
generations to serve our country. On behalf of our HEROES, I would like to thank you once again for
your support! God Bless!

Very Respectfully,

C r a  s h   A l l  v  o  r d
Heroes of the Diamond
Hustle, Think, WIN!


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