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SUBMITTED by Marjorie Torelli (24-Aug-2011)

Bottles, cans, and boxes of unwanted chemicals and medications and electronics will be accepted at a household hazardous waste and pharmaceutical collection for Wayne and Yates County residents on Saturday, September 24, 2011. The collection will be at the Wayne County Highway Department, 7227 Rt. 31, Lyons, NY. For more information and appointment, please call the Western Finger Lakes Authority, 1.800.724.3867.

Many people have old chemical products in their basements, garages, and sheds that they would like to dispose of properly. The Western Finger Lakes Authority (WFLA) has organized a collection event. People may bring in harsh household chemicals including oil-based paints and stains, garden chemical, cleaners, and chlorine.

Electronics will also be accepted at the collection, including old televisions, computers and peripherals, copiers and fax machines. Because of the New York State law concerning electronics, there is no charge for any materials.

Fluorescent bulbs, both the curly CFLs and the straight rods, will also be collected.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department will also be collecting unwanted medications at the same event. People may bring in old, unwanted over-the-counter and prescription medications for safe disposal.

This collection is for residents only. No products from businesses, schools or farms will be accepted at this event.

For more information, please call the Western Finger Lakes Authority, 1.800.724.3867 or check the website, www.wfingerlakesauthority.org.


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