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Mayor Vicky Daly
SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (21-Sep-2011)

Conversation with the Mayor

First things first; it is necessary to extend congratulations to the organizers of Canal Town Days 2011 and to this year’s Grand Marshall Alicia Lynch. The weekend was great in every respect – weather, entertainment, variety of vendors, and, of course, the parade. The choice of Alicia as Grand Marshall was the icing on the cake. Alicia and I have worked together for ten years. You get to know someone very well over time and I know that Alicia is an outstanding representative of Palmyra. It is a well deserved honor.

More about Canal Town Days: In the last Conversation you read about new businesses in the community and, incidentally, both of the new retail shops did very well over the weekend. New appearances and new approaches should be noted as well. Jim Merrick stopped in last week to ask me if I had seen the paint job he had done on his Market Street property. It’s nice, especially the highlighting of the Victorian trim. Jim was in the office to turn in paperwork for reimbursement for half of the cost of his paint, an opportunity available to business owners in the village. A fresh paint job makes a building. Call the Village Hall, 597-4849, for details, if yopu are interested.

Mulberry Hollow

As we all know Canal Town Days is centered on Main Street and more and more, the marina. What’s a shop keeper to do if her shop is out of the main business district? The obvious answer is to take the shop to where the action is and that is exactly what Roseann Wetzel did, bringing Mulberry Hollow and its beautiful fall and Christmas items to Market Square, right in the middle of all the activity. She went one step further and offered a 10% discount card for use in the shop over that weekend, where you would find even more beautiful things. It was a win-win for everyone.

From new to old, very old. As I write this we are awaiting a visit from a representative of John Bero Architecture, Rochester. Mr. Bero is our source of information and guidance on all things having to do with our historic architecture. Gary Hopkins, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, and I have already met with Larry Werts, PE, from Clark Patterson Lee, our engineering firm, on the integrity of the building, and with Brad Jacobs, our go-to guy for anything having to do with masonry. A truck picking up a piece of equipment used in Canal Town Days hit the overhang above the doors to the restrooms, tearing it off and dislodging a quantity of bricks. Some damage was done to the second floor wall directly behind that area, but it appears that everything can be fixed. There will be some minor inconvenience in the mean time, but it is a good sturdy building which serves us well and will continue to do so when this is done. Thank heavens the accident did not happen a few days before Canal Town Days rather than after.

Last words: Check www.palmyrany.com for what will be happening in Palmyra in October. You will find everything from a movie in the park, to the first of the season Legion Steak Dinners, Historic Palmyra's Cemetery Walk, Trick or Treat on Maon Street, and a Community Garage Sale. All the details are on the website.


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