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When word got out that a house fire in Sodus took the lives of Mercedes DeGelleke and her two year old daughter on October 1st, the community was devastated. The week following, the local Zumba® instructors were busy communicating back and forth about a way to help them.

Zumba Instructor, Brittany Riggs
Sodus instructor, Brittany Riggs took the lead to host a ZUMBATHON® at the Sodus Central High School gym that drew over 50 attendees and brought in over $1000 that included cash and checks from people that couldn't attend. 100% of the money was taken to the Weeks-Keysor Funeral Home in Lyons to help pay the funeral expense.

Zumba Instructors, (floor) Kari Gonzalez, Brittany Riggs
(standing), Stephanie Knarr, MaryAnn Novosel, JoAnn DeRoo and Deb DeRoo
with the DeGelleke Family
 A ZUMBATHON® event is a charity event hosted by a licensed Zumba® Instructor Network member. "If you like music and aren't afraid to shake it in front of a crowd, then you can do Zumba Fitness®" said Ms. Riggs. "I feel really lucky to be part of a program that allows me to give back in such a fun way!" She hopes to hold more events in 2012 to help with other programs and causes.

"I want to send a special thank you to my family for their help at the event and to the Zumba® instructors that volunteered their time to instruct and help spread the word: JoAnn & Deb DeRoo, Kari Gonzalez, Stephanie Knarr, and Mary Ann Novosel.

I was overjoyed to see so many other instructors there to support us: Jacquie Budinger (all the way from Watertown!), Heather Colletti, Tracie Henning, Danya Matthys, and Melanie Hares Pasquale. With out them, this wouldn't have been as successful".

The event also held raffles with donations from the instructors, residents, Image Junction, Lessord Chrysler, Susan's Hair Shoppe, J&G Machine and Tool, and hand made pieces from a few of Riggs' students.


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1 Comment to "DeGelleke Zumbathon® A Huge Success"

  1. Teena DeGelleke Said,

    I want to thank everyone soooo much!!!! I am overwhelmed at the generosity. A huge thanks to Brittany for all of her hard work putting this together, and to everyone that donated time, and donations. You alll made it a huge success!!! thank you!!

    Posted on Wed Oct 26, 07:22:00 AM EDT


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