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Today, Monday, is the deadline to reserve a seat at the luncheon. Don't miss it!

Columnist and author Brooks Tenney will be the reviewer at the October 14 Newark Public Library Book Review Luncheon. This is the first fall luncheon sponsored by Friends of the Newark Public Library. Reservations are due on Monday October 10 and the cost is $4.50 which includes their famous homemade apple pie. Call the library at 331-4370.

A resident of Williamson, Tenney will present his latest novel, “The Incense Coast, Piracy around the Horn of Africa.” The book, he fourth novel, is a fictionalized depiction of the current scourge of piracy plaguing Africa’s east coast of Somalia—centered primarily in the Gulf of Aden and the adjoining Indian Ocean. To date, the combined naval forces of the United States, European Union, NATO and other independent nations participating on their own, have been singularly ineffective in dealing with these pirates. Piracy has become the biggest industry in Somalia, a largely lawless country, characterized by poverty and poor conditions for agriculture.

Tenney is a retired engineer, whose career began as an aerospace engineer (Chance Vought Aviation and GE) and ended at Xerox. At GE he was the Program Manager for Project Tektite, an undersea habitat for saturation diving which set a record when four men lived and worked underwater for sixty consecutive days. Later, he lived underwater for two weeks as part of an international diving team. For his role in this project he received the U.S. Navy’s Meritorious Public Service Citation. Today, he travels to interesting corners of the world, and writes columns for the Sun Record.


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