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SUBMITTED by Marjorie Torelli (28-Oct-2011)

Are you one of the many people who is totally dedicated to getting your recycling to the right place and avoiding the landfill? Do you feel that no one else recognizes the importance of recycling? There is a day just for you. America Recycles Day is the annual event recognizing the importance of recycling. The event also recognizes that recycling depends on the actions of individuals.

Each year organizers ask people to sign a pledge, “I will recycle and I will buy recycled products.” The pledge reinforces the every-day commitment to both separate recycling from trash and send it to a recycling facility as well as to purchase products and materials that are made from recycled content.

Anyone can sign the pledge by simply going to www.americarecyclesday.org. In Wayne County the Western Finger Lakes Authority will have an information table at the two Wal-Mart stores on Saturday, November 12. Wal-Mart is a national sponsor of America Recycles Day. Shoppers and staff will be able to sign an America Recycles Day pledge.

The pledges signed at Wal-Mart in Newark and Macedon will be collected and sent to NYS Department of Environmental Conservation in Albany. Staff collects the pledges from around New York State to demonstrate to elected officials and leaders in DEC that people believe in recycling. There will be a prize drawing for two bikes, one for an adult and one for a child. These prizes are donated by the professional recyclers’ association in NYS, the New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3; www.nysar3.org). If you would like more information about America Recycles Day, or other recycling programs, please call the Western Finger Lakes Authority at 315.946.7650, go to the website www.wfingerlakesauthority.org. Also find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter; WFLArecycle.


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