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SUBMITTED by Christopher Staub (30-Oct-2011)

Four of the five wineries of the Lake Ontario Wine Trail can be found on lovely meandering back roads in Ontario, Macedon, Williamson, North Rose and Wolcott. While easily accessible from main roads, one has to know where to look to find these gems that are part of the Greater Rochester area.

Long Acre Farms', home of JD Vineyards
on Eddy Road in Macedon
The travel on the scenic, rural back roads is almost as fun in the Fall as finding the wineries itself. There are the fantastic, naturally-formed Chimney Bluffs on Lake Ontario, near Thorpe Vineyard in Wolcott. (It might be safest to walk around the Bluffs BEFORE you go wine tasting though, as some of the paths come very close to precipitous cliffs!)

Stop you car and talk to the livestock roadside along Lincoln Road between Ontario Barn Vineyards and JD Wine Cellars. JD Wine Cellars is located in the Long Acre ("Agritourism") Farm on Eddy Road, just off Canandaigua Road in Macedon, a place with tons of things to do and see most of the year, including its amazing Maize Maze.

Young Sommer Winery is located on Jersey Road which parallels 104 to the north, in Williamson. People who visit Young Sommer often enjoy stopping at the old Lock 30 on the Erie Canal on Rte 350.

Ontario Barn Vineyards on Whitney Road in Ontario,
between County Line and Lincoln, just south of 104
Ontario Barn Vineyards and Young Sommer are very close to the Heritage Square Museum on Ontario Center Road and also close to the lovely and huge crafts barn and antiques shops at LW Emporium on Knickerbocker Road in Ontario.

There are hundreds of top quality wine selections available at the wineries of the Lake Ontario Wine Trail and the nice thing is you don't have to drive far from Rochester to enjoy a day on this wine trail- they are right here along some enchanting back roads.


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