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   LYONS (Dec 22 11) -- "The question comes up all the time," stated Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts. "'Can All-Terrain (ATVs, 4-wheelers) legally use the designated snowmobile trails on NY Rt. 104?'"
   The answer: "No. You canot legally operate ATVs on the NYS Rt 104 trails,"he wrote in a Dec. 21 press release.
   So where can ATVs operate? On private land owned by the ATv operator, lands where written permission is obtained by the ATV operator from the landowners, or on public lands so designated with signage posted for ATV use.
   If you do NOT have written permission or posted signage authorizing your privilege to operate an ATV on land, you do not have permission to operate. Do not assume you have a right to operate your ATV on lands you do not own.
   "Please respect lands of others and enjoy your sport with safe operation and authorized permission where you ride your ATV, " states the Sheriff's Department.


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11 Comments to "Question: "Can I ride my ATV on the Rt. 104 snowmobile trails?" Answer: No, No, a Thousand times -- NO"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Let us ride it... whats it gonna hurt the dirt! a lot of the trail from redcreek to sodus is all side state land anyway. Why do snomobiles get special treatment? If the snomobilers cant live with a few bumps during their legal 15mph joy ride then stay home its all an outdoor sport. You share with me I share with you. Come on we are the people for the people! We atv'ers should be able to put something together to get our disappearing trails back. You mister senate get em back for us and quit hiding behind the bushes and desks! Please, Thank You.

    Posted on Thu Jan 12, 10:01:00 PM EST

  2. Trail Works, Inc. Said,

    We have heard from other ATVers that there is a lack of consideration for their recreational activity. One idea that came up from within Trail Works was that perhaps if we had enough interested members, we could work on trying to establish some sort of "ATV playground" that is dedicated for that use.

    Most of the current active Trail Works leaders are largely uneducated about ATV use in Wayne County, so we welcome any comments or ideas!

    Posted on Fri Jan 13, 11:30:00 AM EST

  3. Anonymous Said,

    I was out along the 104 trail (Wolcott) this past weekend...there were a few sleds out. Looked to me like there was the same SO CALLED erosion, mud ruts, grass tearing, land damage done. Just about the same as there was when ATV's were riding that trail. Isnt that what the state was bitching about. Its earth (dirt water rocks and grass) and its not being hurt by ATV's, Dirt Bikes, Sleds or Monsters!

    I agree with the first person I like Sleds and ATV's let us ride em! Just remember if you dont, and you keep taking away the last remaining ATV trails around us(none left that I know of...) Your gonna drive all the local ATV dealers out of business...because guess what they're selling when its not snow season...duh ATV's & Dirt Bikes! My guess is its pretty bad on sled sales this year with the mild winter were having.

    Now that the 104 trail and others (I have heard trails up in northern NY known for ATV riding are closing as well) are closed to ATV's I'm guessing those many Recreational sports places are gonna go down and out with it soon too.

    ??????? -----> Do I forsee in the future slumped sales of 4 wheelers & in return less sales on other recreation equipment that revolves around ATV's ------> YES.


    And if that mall goes... I know its not huge... but its providing jobs... something the state supposedly wants to keep and create more of.

    SO.........lets keep what we had in order to keep jobs from disappearing.


    MAKE IT A SLED/ATV CLUB instead and double or triple your size!

    Posted on Tue Jan 17, 09:52:00 PM EST

  4. Jon Shoemaker Said,

    we need to ride too we need to get a atv club to share the snowmobile trail and enjoy riding threw the wood on a nice summer day. Its a good feeling and i feel like its slowly fading for atvers. Everyone just needs to respect peoples land. Not rip it up. Just enjoy the trail for what it is ment for. When every one could agree on that maybe they would help us out on being allowed to ride it..

    Posted on Sat Apr 21, 02:23:00 AM EDT

  5. Spence Said,

    NYS you only have to look to West Virginia for an operating model. WV has almost 1500 miles of trails. And with those new trails comes increased tax revenue, more business opening, towns once dormant are springing back into life why you could get.....oh wait this is NY, the state that perpetually has it's head up a dark sanitary place. That's ok, I'll take my ATV and my money to WV. Bye!

    Posted on Mon Oct 14, 12:22:00 AM EDT

  6. Unknown Said,

    I don't understand this state! It keeps kids busy and out of trouble and they want to take that away from them. I guess the only thing to do is sit home play ps4 and get fat cause they've taken everything from us.

    Posted on Fri Feb 06, 02:49:00 PM EST

  7. eric trout Said,

    It's no wonder kids in Detroit are driving atvs in the streets acting like ass holes. give them some where to go and something to do.

    Posted on Sat Jun 08, 06:17:00 AM EDT

  8. Sally Thomas Said,

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    Posted on Sat Dec 04, 02:31:00 AM EST

  9. Casey Louis Said,

    I wear this backpack every single day and I like it. Kinda wish I got black instead of orange moved here. Tons of pockets and comfy to wear more privacy. Hopefully I can use it to hike in summer time.

    Posted on Sat Dec 04, 05:16:00 AM EST

  10. Sally Thomas Said,

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    Posted on Mon Jan 10, 01:52:00 AM EST

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