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Mayor Vicky Daly
SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (26-Jan-2012)

Conversation with the Mayor

How about a laundry list of good, upbeat things? As I write this the view from my office window is bleak – gray sky, mist (snow, rain?), but no precipitation so far. Tomorrow, perhaps. The scene just begs for good, happy news - and we have some! Not earthshaking, but still good news for the community as a whole.

For example, extensive renovations are being made at Salzburg Village and at Towpath Manor. The latter you were probably aware of because of the number of work vehicles to be seen at the marina parking lot. Both projects add value to the village and improve offerings to current and future tenants. On a less obvious level is the start of installation of wiring for the wi-fi service which will be available in the main business block and at the marina. Tied into the surveillance system currently in use, the service will have no monthly charges for the village. The installation itself was from dedicated economic development funding and has no impact on local taxes.

Webmaster Bill Unterborn, Supervisor Ken Miller and I met a week or so ago about enhancements to our website, www.palmyrany.com. As it stands right now, it is an excellent site, but there is always room for improvement. Each of us brought ideas to the table and the results of that discussion will be on line on March 1st if not before. One of the new additions to the website will be www.breensmarket.com. It is up now and definitely worth a look. Be sure to check not only the list of offerings and sales but also the history of our century old family owned grocery store. It is part of Palmyra’s history.

Our office has held off on updating the stuffer which we insert into village brochures because there is so much movement on Main Street, all good, but for the moment a bit confusing. Magpie & Sparrow has moved from 313 East Main to 323 East Main, site of Palmyra Canal Shop, which has moved to the second floor of that building. Enter the Main Door at 323 East Main and you will find Magpie & Sparrow straight ahead and the door to Palmyra Canal Shop to your left. The Sisters Craft Consignment Shop, the former occupant of 232 East Main, has moved into a larger space next door leaving that property available for All That & Then Some Thrift Shop. Owner Mike Carr plans on a February 18th opening. Luv to Shop, the Flea Market, Goldie’s Goodies and DJ’s make the south side of Main Street a treasure trove for hunters of the unique at bargain prices.

When your shopping bags are full, stow them in the car and then start all over again on the north side where you will find more and different options at the Brick House Antique Shop, the Gathering Place, Magpie & Sparrow and Palmyra Canal Shop. I’ll bet you didn’t realize what riches are waiting to be discovered right here.

Nowhere near as much fun, but a necessary part of village government is budget prep. We have met with all department heads and gathered necessary information to proceed to the next step, prioritizing and cutting (no other way to say it ). All budget meetings are open to the public and are held in the Village Hall. They are scheduled for February 6th and 20th at 6:00 PM, and March 5th at a time yet to be determined. The Public Hearing on the budget will be Monday, February 19th at 7:00 PM. Your presence is welcomed.


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