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SUBMITTED by Kyle Miller (4-Jan-2012)

Statement from State Senator Mike Nozzolio on the 2012 State of the State Address

With his delivery of the 2012 State of the State Address, Governor Cuomo has initiated a new Legislative Session and a new year for New York State.

It was greatly encouraging to hear that the Governor is continuing his focus on helping private sector employers create jobs, the single most important issue facing our State’s economic recovery. As State Senator, I look forward to continuing to partner with Governor Cuomo in 2012 to invest in critical job creation initiatives, provide relief from taxes and unfunded mandates and ensure fiscal responsibility in our State government.

Last year we ended partisan gridlock by working closely with Governor Cuomo to make government function again and produce results that matter for our taxpayers.

Working together, we achieved many of the priorities that are important to the people of our region – including cutting income taxes for middle income families and job-creating businesses, closing a $10 Billion deficit with no new taxes and enacting a property tax cap.

In 2012, we must build on this momentum and take the next steps to restore New York to its rightful status as the Empire State.

In the weeks ahead, we will be working together to develop a fiscally responsible State budget that, like the budget we enacted last year, closes the deficit entirely through spending cuts and without raising taxes or fees.

We must also enact real mandate relief, including pension reform, to protect property taxpayers and ensure that local governments and school districts stay under the tax cap.

Most importantly, we have to create an environment to attract and retain new private sector jobs in our State. Job growth is the only long term solution to our fiscal challenges and creating a more prosperous New York, now and for generations to come.

Last year we made great progress, and you can be assured that I will work to make 2012 even more productive.


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