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Wayne County Board of Supervisors re-establishes Lakeshore Committee

Wayne County Economic Development and Planning Committee approved a resolution re-establishing the Lakeshore committee. The Committee was originally established in 1977 to review and assess policies concerning the management of the water level of Lake Ontario. The resolution was passed with an amendment to change the name to Wayne County Lakeshore Alliance and to include the town of Sterling (Fair Haven).

The Lakeshore Advisory Alliance will, among other things, encourage communications among stakeholders, foster relationships with all levels of government, foster relationships with all levels of government, review current polices including the International Joint Commission's (IJC) Plan BV7 to increase the range of fluctuations in lake levels, and build support needed to appropriately advance the best interest of Wayne County. Kim Park, Town Supervisor of Wolcott will chair the committee.

In December it was announced the IJC was planning to hold public meetings in March excluding Wayne County. SOS along with County Supervisors; Laurie Crane, Steve LeRoy, Jim Hoffman, Kim Park, Mayor Mike Sullivan, Assemblyman Bob Oaks and Congresswomen Ann Marie Buerkle sent letters to the IJC stressing the importance of holding those meetings in Wayne County at a time when residents have returned to the area.

At yesterday's WCEDPC meeting it was announced the IJC will hold a public meeting on June 7th (TBC) at Williamson High School.

Save our Sodus will work with the Lake Shore Alliance and is also planning a spring seminar to discuss the BV7 plan.

SOURCE: Save Our Sodus E-News. Sign up for the free S.O.S. weekly newsletter at http://www.saveoursodus.com/.


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