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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys (19-Mar-2012)

Friend Mark De Cracker invited us to join in the Lyons Heritage Society meeting at the Lyons Library to welcome Mr. David Austin, historian extraordinaire. As a living historian he presented a wonderful program, and we were touched by his dedication to detail. Dressed in the primitive outfit of an 18th Century camper, David commanded a handsome figure.

Living Historians are those who actually go out and recreate, and or re-produce, the material, culture, life styles and historical events in order to better comprehend the world this came from. David actually has sewn many of the articles he uses, and his descriptions of each item was very interesting. It has taken a great deal of research to command this project, and we applaud in appreciation the dedicated efforts he has put into his passion for perfection in the work of his choice.

How blessed we are to have so many talented people in this extended community. Building bridges of historical understanding...helping to create insight when there was none, and applicating their own personal testimony in ways that were never even considered many, many centuries years ago. Working together towards Butterfly Trails, beautiful murals, restored museums, and just plain helping others to understand the fun of rediscovering not only our historical roots, but to walk in the shoes of those who have reflectively gone before us. Counting our blessings...

Richard & Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel


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