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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, CWU Fingerlakes Area Chair (7-Mar-2012)

From the beginning, the members of Church Women United chose to agree to differ - understanding that there are many ways to claim the dignity of a project well accomplished, resolved to love and united to serve. Just this past week the Canandaigua, Farmington & Macedon Units gathered at the Blue Star Mothers #1 Canteen in Canandaigua. It was our choice to nationally honor them at our annual Human Rights Celebration. Isn't it amazing that the more one reaches out in service, the more new and expanding witness incurs? It was like going home! New friends were made. New ideas passed around the table, and Love provided her Witness for Peace. In sharing the blessings, we were amazingly blessed.

This is not a new idea in the world as a whole. One of our CWU of New York State Projects, the 1816 Quaker Museum Restoration in Farmington has quietly moved forward. Blessed by the many who helped us to actually move the building in 2011, we now plan another Open House on the 19th of May. This time it will be held in the Macedon Academy, another tribute to the honorable and intensive work that our forebearers claimed as they, too - like so many champions for a solid change for good, accomplished. All around us there is much to be celebrated. We know that potential and encourage its intent to improve upon the world for humanity's cause. Despite so many rumors to the contrary, it is my hope and prayer that good shall continue to prevail.


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  1. Books, ETC. Said,

    Carol Elaine, wonderful! John C.

    Posted on Sat Mar 10, 08:43:00 AM EST


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