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A special showing of Green Fire, a land ethic for our time, appeared at Ohmann Theatre Tuesday night.  This documentary told the story of Aldo Leopold, who was an ecologist and writer. and of his efforts of preserving conservation.  His greatest piece, The Sand County Almanac, is still read worldwide today and has sold over two million copies.

Local Resident, Jack McCranels gets words of inspiration
With over 100 attendees, viewers came from all over the state to see this environmental piece on ecological restoration.  Fellow land lovers gathered afterwards to discuss Aldo Leopold - to discover what he was all about and what he was really trying to say.  Special guest, Lynn Leopold, was present to speak of the importance of Aldo Leopold's work and why it's necessary to take care of the land.  "Green Fire is a passion for understanding nature, connecting to the land and learning to live with it.", says Leopold.

 "He was a great observer and a man for all seasons!"  - Lynn Leopold
Mark DeCracker of TrailWorks and Lynn Leopold
The viewing of the film was an effort led by Trail Works, Inc., a not for profit organization dedicated to the use and expansion of local trails.  Their current project is the Trail of Hope, located on Manhattan Street in Lyons.  This trail is part of the "Forever Wild for Everyone" campaign where people of all capabilities and disabilities can use the trail and be a part of nature.

Refreshments were provided by the Lyons Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on Aldo Leopold and his work, visit  http://www.aldoleopold.org/  and for information on Trail Works, Inc., you may visit their site at  http://www.trailworks.org/


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1 Comment to "Green Fire Showing was a Great Success"

  1. Videomark Said,

    I just got done watching the "Green Fire" the story of Aldo Leopold. Perhaps you have never heard of Aldo Leopold, but when you have, you will realize what an impact he has had on the modern land ethic. Perhaps my love of the outdoors can be traced to my freshman year at Finger Lakes Community College. One of the books we were required to read was the Sand County Almanac, Recently while cleaning up my basement I came across a book called Wilderness Visionary. This book was about the most influential writers of the wilderness preservation over the last 180 years. There are familiar names like Henry David Thoreau and John Muir, but this list of authors also includes Aldo Leopold. After I read Wilderness Visionary I found my original copy of Sand County Almanac, which I haven't read since I was 18 years old. As I started reading I came across many places where I had underlined in the book. It all started to become clear to me where my roots where established. my love of the outdoors, wildflowers, cross country skiing, hiking and photography. You never know when a seed is planted when it is going to grow, for me it was recently with the Forever Wild for Everyone program. Little did I know that Aldo Leopold’s vision would come to fruition through my eyes today. I remember spending a weekend while in college in the Apache National Forest in Arizona up on high ridge and being in awe. On that high ridge with the wind blowing through the Ponderosa pines, little did I know on that day that I was walking in the footstep of Aldo Leopold and the "Green Fire."

    Posted on Thu Apr 26, 08:13:00 PM EDT


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