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Submitted by:  Robert Stopper, Lyons

The present shallow water in the Erie Canal provides a spectacular “below the waterline” view of the remains from the former Ganargua Creek Aqueduct in Lyons, New York. The aqueduct traversed the Ganargua Creek on 5 spans for a total length of 130 feet. The remains, almost 175 years old, show the craftsmanship and pride of a generation gone by. The precisely placed stones range in thickness from 12 to 18 inches. The remaining beautifully hewn stones are still held in place by metal bars driven into drilled holes!

The aqueduct, south of the original Clinton’s Ditch Mud Creek Aqueduct (1822), was built as part of the 363 mile Enlarged Erie Canal Project (1836-1862) and was officially known as “The Enlarged Erie Mud Creek Aqueduct” of Lyons, NY. The Annual Report of the Canal Commissioners from 1849 indicates that the aque-duct was officially placed in use in 1849.
This black and white photograph, submitted by Mrs. Shirley Stephan, 
shows the demolition of the historical aqueduct in progress. 
The photograph, taken by Mrs. Stephan’s husband, Bruce, is dated April 24, 1969.


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1 Comment to "Low Erie Canal Provides High Water Marks!"

  1. Unknown Said,

    A revolting piece of vandalism, the destruction of this historic structure. Who let this happen?

    Posted on Wed Oct 05, 07:55:00 PM EDT


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