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SUBMITTED by Ellie Drake (9-Apr-2012)

Allyson Blazey - Pal-Mac HS and Marina Barci – Wayne
HS, on train after Students Inside Albany conference
Two Wayne County Students See State Government in Action at League of Women Voters "Students Inside Albany" Conference March 25-28

Senior Allyson Blazey of Pal-Mac High School and senior Marina Barci of Wayne High School, have just returned from Albany, where they were among the 54 students who participated March 25-28 in a New York State League of Women Voters Education Foundation program called “Students Inside Albany.”

The two were nominated by teachers and selected and sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the Wayne County.
“This interactive conference,” explained the State League, “brings together male and female high school students from across the state to learn about New York State government and the process by which citizens can participate in the policy-making arena.”
The conference included: a seminar on the basics of state government; tips on successful lobbying by the NYS League’s legislative expert in Albany, Barbara Bartoletti; a lobbying role-playing session with upstate Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward (R); a primer by both a Republican and a Democratic assemblyman on how to run for office; a workshop by the executive director of the Alliance for Quality Education and a New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) official on lobbying and organizing a political campaign; a seminar on the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and the Open Meetings Law by Robert Freeman, executive director of the NYS Committee on Open Government; and a discussion on the role of the media, by both the producer and the host of the YNN Albany political news television program “Capitol Tonight.”

As part of the program, students also toured the State Capitol building, observed the State Senate and Assembly in action, and shadowed both their State Senator and Assemblyman.

Allyson and Marina agreed that an interesting part of the program was shadowing State Senator Nozzolio and Assemblyman Oaks seeing the respective legislative sessions.


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