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SUBMITTED by Louise Hoffman Broach (16-Apr-2012)

Assemblyman Oaks Helps Rose Fire Department Acquire Steel Column from World Trade Center

Assemblyman Oaks with Scott Converse
of the Rose Fire Department
Plans Call for Construction of Memorial in Front of Fire Hall

With the help of Assemblyman Robert Oaks (R-C Macedon), a 147-pound steel column that was once part of New York City’s World Trade Center will be the centerpiece of a local memorial ensuring the tragic day of 9-11-01 will forever be remembered in Rose.

The 32-inch-tall piece of steel arrived last week via UPS. It will be on display at the Rose Historical Society until the memorial can be constructed said Scott Converse, the fire department’s vice president. He is in charge of the project.

Converse said plans are to make the steel part of a permanent remembrance 9/11 tribute memorial in front of the fire hall on Main Street. Along with that, the department will replace the flagpole and add a lighted information sign for upcoming events.

“We are also looking into replacing the sidewalk and having paving bricks that can be purchased and engraved,” he said. People may purchase them in memory of friends or loved ones, or with a general 9/11 message.

When the monument is complete, a dedication ceremony will be held. Converse said it is appropriate to have the monument in Rose to honor not only the firefighters, police officers and other emergency personnel who were killed – but to all first responders who risk their lives every day to render assistance.
“I am appreciative of the department’s desire to build a memorial to the 9-11 tragedy in their community,” Assemblyman Oaks said, reiterating wrote in his supporting letter. “As eloquently explained by Memorial Committee Chairman Scott Converse, all firefighters and emergency medical services personnel, no matter where they are, feel a connection to what occurred that day and a commitment to honor and remember what was lost.”
Rose is the only fire department in the 128th Assembly District and one of only a few in this region of New York to receive a piece of steel from the remains of the World Trade Center.

When Converse made the request in July 2011, he wasn’t optimistic. At the time, a spokeswoman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey which had jurisdiction over the steel noted that nearly all of it had been distributed. Thirteen hundred requests had been received.

Oaks, a Rose native, said he was pleased to work with the Port Authority on behalf of the fire department and successfully secure the steel. Pieces given away ranged from small enough to ship to big enough to require a flatbed trailer. The largest was 43 feet long. The only criteria to receive steel was that it had to be used in a public display.

The steel will be on display at the Rose Historical Society on Main Street in North Rose until the monument is completed. The building is open Sundays and Wednesdays from 2 to 4 p.m. starting May 5. Anyone interested in donating money, services or materials to the memorial project at the Rose Fire Department may contact Scott Converse at 587-2554 or send donations to the Rose Fire Department Steel Project, P.O. Box 63, Rose, NY 14542.


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