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Submitted by:  Brian Connell, Newark Pilots

The Newark Pilots are looking for families in the community to generously open their homes to a Newark Pilots player for the 2012 season. The Pilots are in need of families for 5 players this season. These players are young student athletes from all over the country that come to Newark to have a great experience both on and off the field. As a host family, you play a large role in the experience that these players have. A great home environment assures that these players experience be the best that it can be.

As a host family, you are taking on a large responsibility but there are also benefits for you as a Newark Pilots fan, other than giving these players a great summer experience in Newark. Each host family will receive general admission season passes to our home games. Taking in one of these student athletes for the summer not only helps these players succeed individually, but it helps the Newark Pilots organization as a whole, and for that we are grateful. If you are interested in being a host family for the 2012 Newark Pilots Baseball Season please contact us at: newarkpilots@gmail.com or 585-704-7806.

Go Pilots!!


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