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SUBMITTED by Robert Stopper, Lyons (2-May-2012)

The Klopfers and Diesel Duck leaving Lock E 27

The Diesel Duck 41, piloted by Benno and Marlene Klopfer, is the first 2012 “overnight” visitor at the Lyons Dock on the Erie Canal. The Diesel Duck 41 is an aluminum sail-assisted Troller yacht…. Benno and Marlene, originally from Germany, have an extensive navigational background . With over 45,000 “nautical miles” behind them, Benno and Marlene have literally travelled around the world…. They entered the Erie Canal from the Hudson river and are heading toward their hailing port in Toronto, Canada.

The Klopfers- Benno and Marlene- point out solar energy panels 
While on the Erie Canal, the mast is down, but the Diesel Duck is power-assisted by solar power providing 90 percent of the energy to move the yacht…. According to Benno, “We are quiet on the canal,, and we make no wake– we surprise people– life is good”! World sailors, this is the first voyage for Benno and Marlene on the Erie Canal…. Welcome to Wayne County, New York!

The Klopfers with peppermint and spearmint from canal garden 


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2 Comments to "Diesel Duck 41 on the Erie Canal"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Wow, the Diesel Duck is 90 percent solar-powered--that is impressive.

    Posted on Fri May 04, 07:28:00 AM EDT

  2. Gil Burgess Said,

    Interesting report!

    Posted on Sun May 06, 02:23:00 PM EDT


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