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Technician from Integrated Technician makes
final adjustments for Palmyra Village free wi-fi.
SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly (14-May-2012)

The Village of Palmyra is pleased to announce the installation of wi-fi in the main business district and at the Port of Palmyra Marina. Installed by Integrated Systems, Victor, the service is provided through nodes - one atop the Village Hall, a second on a pole on the corner of East Main and Market Street, and a third on Division Street, just south of the bridge. These three will provide basic service within and adjacent to the triangle they form. No password is needed to access the service which is listed as Village of Palmyra Free WIFI. Funding to provide this service was made possible by a Governor's Office of Small Cities Main Street grant for economic development. This is the same grant which has provided low interest loans to new and expanding businesses within the village.


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