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Dear Wayne County resident:

On June 7th at 7:00 p.m., at the Williamson High School auditorium, there will be an informational meeting for the public regarding plan BV7, a plan to increase the fluctuations in the water levels of Lake Ontario. The meeting is being conducted by the International Joint Commission (IJC).   The IJC was formed by a treaty between U.S. and Canada in 1909 to regulate the Great Lakes.  

The increase in highs and lows will have an impact on all Lake Ontario waterfront properties, as well as properties and businesses located along the shorelines of Sodus Bay, East Bay, Port Bay and Blind Sodus Bay.  Impacts will include increased erosion, more frequent flooding, lack of adequate depths for boating, and very likely decreasing assessed valuation. Any decrease in assessed valuation of waterfront properties may mean an increase in tax burden to the remaining properties in the county.

BV7 does not provide funding for mitigation or compensation to property owners for damages.

We urge you to consider attending this very important meeting. There will be an opportunity for public comment.  

As the elected representatives of Wayne County's lakeshore and waterfront communities, we have devoted considerable time to prevent adoption of this plan.  Until all concerns are addressed, sufficient information is provided regarding the economic impact of BV7 and the interest of all property owners is fully protected we will continue to pursue blocking adoption of this plan. 

We hope to see you on June 7th.


Robert Kelsch
Supervisor, Town of Ontario
James D. Hoffman
Supervisor, Town of Williamson; Chair, Wayne County Board of Supervisors
Steve LeRoy
Supervisor, Town of Sodus; Vice-Chair, Wayne County Board of Supervisors
Laurie Crane, Supervisor, Town of Huron
Kim Park
Supervisor, Town of Wolcott; Chair, Wayne County Lakeshore Alliance
Mike Sullivan
Mayor, Village of Sodus Point


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