two thousand twenty
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Submitted by:  Robert Stopper, Lyons

Bill Bennett, a touring cyclist on a 4,400 mile cross country trip, stopped at Lock 30 on the Erie
Canal in Macedon, NY. It was June 21. It was day fifteen of the trip. The temperature was a humid 90 degrees.  Bill was done travelling for the day, and he planned to “Pitch Tent”  in the park near the Erie Canal  waterway. According to Bill, “The lock-masters and people along the canal have been super friendly and helpful.”

Bill lives in St. Paul Minnesota, but he began his trip in Bar Harbor, Maine and plans to finish in Anacortes, Washington State.  When Bill does not pitch his tent, he usually  enjoys the hospitality of “Warm Showers,” an organization devoted to providing free hospitality sites for touring cyclists. (www.warmshowers.org)

Bill  has seen canals, waterways, mountains, and deserts many times from the sky; however, for Bill, a Marine veteran and a recently retired Northwestern/Delta Airline pilot, this is his first serious  retirement adventure! Bill is following a map provided by  the Adventure Cycling Association.  (http://www.adventurecycling.org)


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