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SUBMITTED by Theresa Streb (4-Jun-2012)

During the month of June, a large collection of sea shells are on display at the Lyons Public Library, 122 Broad Street in Lyons. The sea shells come from Leona Lauster, assistant to the director at the library.

Leona Lauster's shell collection on display at the Lyons Public Library

Ranging in size from the 12 inch Giant Clam as well as the Queen Conch and King Helmit to the small 1 inch or less Nerite, Periwinkles and Money Cowrie, the diversity of shells available in Mother Nature are astounding. The shapes, patterns, textures and colors are as varied the creatures that once occupied them. Also, on display are books from the library's collection about aquatic life that can be found in both freshwater and saltwater sources.

For more information about putting a collection on display, please call the Lyons Public Library at (315) 946-9262 or email lyonslibrary@owwl.org.


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