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Submitted by:  Robert Stopper

The solar powered boat, the Loon, will be part of this year’s Peppermint Celebration in Lyons, NY. Manufactured by the Tamarack Electric Boat Company of Rome, New York, the Loon was voted “The 2011 Best New Electric Vehicle for the year “ at the Future of Electric Vehicles Conference and Exhibit in San Jose, California. According to Monte Osborne, designer, and engineer, “We are excited to demonstrate our boat on the Erie Canal during the Peppermint festival—we will even be giving rides”!

Another boat gracing the Lyons dock during Peppermint Days will be the Nan, a 46 foot woody. The Nan appeared in the movie Absence of Malice, starring Paul Newman and Sally Fields. The boat, owned by Ted and Aleja Herrick of Telluride, Colorado, will be showcased by international veteran boaters and videographers, Ian and Nagaire Carline. Ian and Nagaire are from New Zealand.

The NYS Canal Corp will feature the Tugboat Seneca. The Seneca was built in 1932 for the US Navy. Powered by two 220 horsepower Cummins diesel engines, the tug is used to “move” canal maintenance equipment and as a “long haul” fuel tanker. The tug is captained by Captain Steven Wunder.

The Penguin, a 29’ C Dory, will represent the Canal New York Marketing and Business
Alliance, Inc. The Penguin is one of three ever made with inboard diesel engines, The Penguin, hull # 1, will be manned by Captain John Johnston, better known among boaters as Captain JJ.

According to Dorthy Harder, chairperson of the Lyons Peppermint Days Festival, “This year we wanted to try and incorporate boats and the Erie Canal into our festival. Along with the usual antique cars, convertibles, and tractors, we are even towing a few boats in our parade on Saturday evening. Peppermint oil and the Erie Canal made Lyons world famous. Peppermint oil was shipped on the Erie Canal from Lyons to all parts of the world. In the 1800’s, Lyons was known as the Peppermint Oil Capital of the World!”

On Saturday, July 14, Peppermint Days activities will take place throughout the entire day – in the park, in various stores, on the streets, and at the Hotchkiss Peppermint Building…. Boats will be on display during the day at the dock on the Erie Canal…. The Peppermint Days parade begins at 6:00 PM.... The day concludes with a world famous gigantic fireworks display at 10:00 PM - just a few steps from the Lyons Dock on the Erie Canal!


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