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SUBMITTED by Don Lochner (27-Jun-2012)

Letter to the Editor

I’m mad! Seriously, a dump? My wife and I put our life savings into a nice little house in the country where we are raising our daughter. It has been on our minds constantly. We have researched and what we’ve learn isn’t good. Landfills leak, they burn, they smell and they’re noisy. They also grow. It took Albion 10 years and a Supreme Court battle to stop Waste Management from building a second landfill on property they own there.

The town Supervisor says he wouldn’t consider it if there was any risk, then pitches the fact that it relieves the town of liability from the old landfill. He says that it will only be a hundred trucks a day. That comes out to about one every 3 minutes in a 10 hour day. Oh, but we’ll get free recycling drop off. I don’t know about you, but mine gets picked up already with my trash.

Yes, I have trash pick-up, but aren’t 4 landfills within 60 miles enough? It would be if 47% of the state waste didn’t already come to this area.

Waste – there’s a lot of money in it, there’s no denying that. But, I’m hearing a lot from citizens of other towns about promises not being kept, and taxes not being paid, and threats from the landfill company to pull out if the town doesn’t like it.

So that brings me to Mr. Alloco. I don’t trust him. He claims that he will be the sole owner, no corporation, and a hand’s on owner. But his name isn’t even on the LLC paperwork. Who is PFRR Construction? I’ve been to every meeting and haven’t heard of them. I do know that it takes a lot of money to open one of these things. Who are his backers? What I do know is that he’ll push us from our home. I don’t think I can raise my daughter next to a dump.


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2 Comments to "Proposed Landfill in Arcadia a Concern for Nearby Residents"

  1. bob legge Said,

    The town supervisor is blinded by the money and promises dangling in front of his eyes by the developer -- he doesn't seem to see all the problems. This is a bad proposal all around and needs to be stopped.

    Posted on Mon Jul 02, 06:08:00 AM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    I'm alot angry that there is SOMEONE in this town trespassing onto personal properties, removing and defacing and mangling signs for NO LANDFILL. I'm ALOT angry that a person or persons are harassing those that are opposing the landfill, committing a federal offense by placing threat notes and dead rodents in a mailbox. Show your face(s) ....Coward! Grow up, get some help! It changes nothing. Last I knew, it's within the law to protect one's personal property...

    Posted on Mon Jul 02, 10:13:00 AM EDT


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