two thousand twenty
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Our purpose is to provide a butterfly trail in the Village of Macedon at Canal Park.  This trail will be easily accessible for people with different types of disabilities.

Our Mission is to involve the community in participating with, learning about and appreciating the benefits of the nature that surrounds them.

This is to be a “Forever Wild for Everyone” trail.

We need your support for organizing a group of people to see to the building and maintenance of a trail on a piece of state land that borders the lock in Macedon, NY.

The trail will be a destination point for heritage tourism.  At the same time it will provide an important resource for those in our community who have special needs.  It will also be used for education by the elementary school in our community.

Who Wins:  People with Disabilities, Children, Canal travelers, The Macedon Community, All volunteers, Macedon businesses, Teachers, Students, Photography Clubs, Wildlife, Birders, Veterans.
 Stakeholders: Macedon Garden Club, Rotary Club, Macedon Trails, Macedon Business, Village Pride, Boy/Girl Scouts, Village Workers, Village Government, Landscapers, Cornell Extension, Pal-Mac School District, Birders and Trailworks.

Outcomes: More people will know the names of plants and butterflies; will get a chance to relax; will have a chance for nature therapy; will know about the history of Macedon and their own heritage.

For more information contact:
John Cieslinski at 585-474-4116 or books_etc@yahoo.com or
Marie Cramer at


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