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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly (6-Aug-2012)

Conversation with the Mayor
As you read this I am going to be in suburban Chicago, en route between Palmyra and suburban Chicago, or at the Great Wayne County Fair. The Fair, which is always special, is going to be especially so this year because our youngest granddaughter, who resides in suburban Chicago (you guessed that, right?) will be making her first visit to the Fair. In fact, it will be her visit to any fair, so Wayne County will set the bar for all others to match in the future. Chicago has Navy Pier, ,but we have goat milking, the demo derby and Fowler’s taffy, some of which will be going home with her for her father.

Like her grandmother, she is a city kid, and so it will be interesting to see how she takes to attending and being a part of it. Oh, yes, we are putting her to work. Look for us Opening Day in the Rotary booth opposite Floral Hall. For me, working in the booth is one of the best parts of the fair because you get to see everyone as they stop by.

Because of this year’s calendar, Pirates of the Erie Canal, August 10-11, immediately preceding the Fair, will get folks in the party mood. What a great double header! And then, in just three weeks we have Canal Town Days, September 15 – 16 – another Palmyra tradition. There will be much more to say about that later.

Looking at Main Street: The Blood Drive at Mark’s Pizza signs were conversation starters. How? Where? The very large American Red Cross bus parked on East Main Street explained it all. The free slice and beverage offered by Mark’s was a nice extra and thank you for those who donated. Perhaps this will become another Palmyra tradition. Manager Shawn Norman tells me that the Red Cross had 4 blood drives that day and that the one here was larger than the other 3 combined. I hope all donors, and everyone else on Main street, took note of the handsome new paint job on Mark’s building. Looks great.

Looking for a deal? Another Person’s Treasures and Pop’s Hots, both new businesses and right next to each other on East Main, have collaborated on one for you. Spend $10 at APT and get a coupon worth 10% off your tab at Pop’s.

And a belated welcome is due to Christopher Santelli, Eagle Strategies LLC, at 229 East Main St, Suite B, 1st Floor. Mr. Santelli is a Registered Investment Adviser. We wish him and his business well.

A new neighbor is looking to open on East Main Street. Catholic Charities of Wayne County is recruiting volunteers to help staff a tool resale shop in Palmyra. Modeled after a similar successful shop in Fairport, this will be an ‘everybody wins’ endeavor. Donors of used tools, both hand and power, acquire extra space in their garages or basements. Buyers get a bargain. Volunteer sales people do a good deed and that always feels good. CCWC, a nonprofit agency working with those in need throughout the county in partnership with other public and private agencies, is more able to assist people in need. If you can help in any way, contact Tim Sullivan, (315)331-4867 ext. 18 or send an email to tsullivan@dor.org. Note: CCWC’s annual Wine Tasting fundraiser is coming up, between the Fair and Canal Town Day on Friday, September 7th, at Long Acre Farms & JD Wine Cellars in Macedon. It is a delightful evening of good food, good wine, and good music, and the nicest people in attendance. As with the tool resale shop, profits go to help those among us in need. If you want to sponsor (remember good deeds make you feel good) or buy tickets, let Tim, Ann Sapienza, (315)597-6073, or me, bvdaly@hotmail.com. It is another ‘everybody wins’ event.


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