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Conversation with the Mayor                                           October 30, 2012

                                                Vicky Daly


It was a Happy Day


   It is a rare occasion that brings a smile to the face of everyone present. I had the good fortune to be present at one of those very special events  on October 25, 2012.  Following a Posting of the Colors by the Marion Minute Men; the Pledge of Allegiance led by Eagle Scout Ricky Yackel, and the National Anthem sung by Tom Dawes, Judge Dennis Kehoe presided over a Naturalization Ceremony for twenty two people from fourteen countries. Twenty two people from countries as different as Kosovo and Australia, Haiti and Egypt, the Congo and Russia, had made the decision and met the requirements to become citizens of the United States.  The ceremony with its  all important swearing in was held in the Supervisors’ Chambers of the Old Lyons Court House. Organized by Wayne County Clerk Mike Jankowski, the proceedings went smoothly and, it appeared, absolutely all bases had been covered. Jeffery Billings, Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, an apparent veteran of such ceremonies, provided an overview of what was to happen to the candidates. The mood was totally positive and upbeat. Prior to the ceremony itself, Marje  Bridson and Mark Alquist, Commissioners, Wayne County Board of Elections,  worked through voter registration paperwork with the about-to-be-new-citizens and informed them that, once registered, their first opportunity to exercise their right to vote would be in the November 6th General Election.  The swearing in occurred. Pictures were taken; flags were distributed, and a ‘class picture’ was taken on the front steps of the Court House. a coffee and cake reception followed. Smiles were everywhere. We need more days like this.





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