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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (16-Oct-2012)

Conversation with the Mayor

To me, Spring is sprucing up time and Autumn is for settling in and getting ready for winter. Perhaps that is because most of my adult life has had a connection of one sort or another to school. Clearly not everyone is of the same mind because there is a whole lot of sprucing up happening in the village. A fresh coat of paint at 229 East Main Street is certainly a plus. The new sign at My Mother’s Attic, 313 East Main Street, is as well. And then there are the newly refurbished NYS historical markers throughout the Village and into the Towns of Palmyra and Macedon. They ‘pop’. Boy Scout Eagle projects are always an asset to the community but this particular project, planned and implemented by Jeremy Unterborn, BSA Troop 96, because it is so public, has prompted more comments, all positive, and questions, usually ‘who’s responsible?’, than any I can remember. Jeremy and his crew have added immeasurably to the look of Palmyra and environs.

Indoor improvements, whether as a result of Eagle projects, as was the refurbishing of all the wooden surfaces in the Palmyra American Legion, by Christopher Heckman, BSA Troop 166, Macedon, or by Jim Moomaw, owner and operator of the Palmyra Coin Laundry on Cuyler Street, have a similar impact.

Chris and his crew rejuvenated an incredible amount of square footage of wooden paneling and woodwork at the Legion Post, restoring its original look. Jim’s plans, already in process and continuing throughout the winter, include an upgrade of the interior and equipment at the Laundromat and some exterior work. It is always good news when the owner improves his property. The best way we can say thank you is to patronize the business.

Our most recent Village Board meeting was preceded by a visit from Cub Scout Pack 50 from Farmington. Six young Scouts, their leader and several parents came to tour our Village Hall as part of their work on a Community badge. In addition to asking innumerable questions about the building and what happens within it, they had the opportunity to meet our Village Trustees and Village Clerk. When asked by their Den Master what they had to remember when they work as a group, as Village Board members do, one young man responded ‘cooperate’. I was impressed. The certain highlight of the visit, however, was their unexpected meeting with Police Chief Dalton who invited them to return to tour the Police Department. They want to see the old cell in the basement!

That same meeting sent me to the web to get up to speed on an event that is coming to the Palmyra Fairgrounds next June. The Palmyra Community Center will be hosting a Gus Masker Tournament at the PCC and Wayne County Fairgrounds, Already happening in cities and towns all over the country, the 3-on-3 basketball tournament runs from Friday afternoon to mid-day Sunday. I learned that more than 70 communities hold the event annually and that more than 200,000 people play. They range from the Junior level which includes a 10 and under level to 40+. It is estimated that as many as 17,000,000 spectators cheer them on. And now, thanks to the PCC, it is going to happen here in June 2012.


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