two thousand twenty
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Workers at Franke's Nursery
Dave Burham and his workers
Today sometimes we wonder where the feeling of community is. People are building taller fences, and wonder why they feel so alone. In years pass, people would help each other in need and think nothing of it. That is how the small communities grew over the years. People helping each other, and asking nothing in return. Well today I witnessed what a real community is. The way things were, and how we wish them to stay. The whole day was a whirl of everyone working together for a common cause. Many did not even know each other. The object of all the activity was the Trail of Hope in Lyons. We are trying to expand our gardens to make it even more beautiful with added features for more enjoyment for all the people along with a wonderful learning experience for the children. We have been working with the LEAP children to train the birds to eat out of our hands with Aleah Buckalew who is extremely knowledgeable about birds. We decided to landscape an area in the gardens called Conifer Cove. With the outstanding donation of 15 large mixed conifers from Doug Franke from Franke's Nursery in Marion, our dream of completion was becoming a reality, plus added conifers for other areas of the garden. It started quite a process in motion. Mark De Cracker asked Dave Burnham from Burnham's Landscaping from Lyons if he could help like he has so graciously offered to do in the past. He donated his vehicles and men to deliver them to the trail and get them in the ground. He worked side by side with his men to make sure everything was done properly. Mark's friend Steve Bartleson also used his truck and trailer to transport the trees to the Trail. Franke's Nursery, besides donating the trees, had his workman make sure they were deposited into the waiting vehicles and securely tied. We could not even dream of having all of this happen so soon with our limited funds and volunteers. Where do you begin to thank all of the volunteers who have helped this dream become a reality? It took a community of people who really care about each other to have something like the Trail of Hope for all people. Words cannot express our gratitude. 


Aleah Buckalew waiting for the birds in "Conifer Cove"
Conifer Cove

Carol Kildoyle


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