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Submitted by:  Brian Connell, Newark Pilots
Although it is the offseason for the Newark Pilots, that doesn’t mean the work has stopped.  The Pilots are using this time to continue to make improvements at Colburn Park.  One large improvement to the ballpark this year is an addition to the home locker room.  We have added 600 square feet to the locker room, making it a much larger and nicer area for our players and coaches. 

It is important to continually be improving the facilities at Colburn Park to make it the best environment possible for both fans and the players who come from across the country to play in Newark. 

Also this offseason we will adding more lighting to the ballpark to improve the field of play for anyone who plays at Colburn Park.   
Remember you can buy your season tickets for the Newark Pilots today!  Call General Manager Brian Connell at 585-704-7806 and reserve your seats today!


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