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RCC Alumni, Sierra DeRoo, Deb DeRoo, Catherine Mastowski,
Shannon Collins, RCC Alumni, William Pulver,
Stephanie Knarr and Danelle Bell
(missing from photo:  Laurie Tellier & Melissa Dean)

The latin-inspired dance-fitness program has rocked the Tymeson gym yesterday afternoon! Area instructors gathered their friends, family and students and came together for a special cause, Roosevelt Children's Center.

The children's center specializes in an early education program for children with special needs. Their staff consists of many child care specialists from early childhood and special education educators, speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and many more.
One local instructor, Catherine Mastowski, had the idea of putting on the fundraiser several months ago, while speaking with JoAnn Salerno, a speech therapist at Roosevelt Children's Center. Ms. Salerno had mentioned that the center was unable to purchase new gym equipment as funding had been short for several years. After contacting a few close instructors about the idea a plan began to form. Each instructor on the stage has a personal connection to a child who is a student of the children's center or had been in the past.
Past Roosevelt Children's Center Students

Being able to provide something to the center was meaningful to Mastowski, whose son, Alex, had been a student at Roosevelt. He participated in the center's "Seeing Sounds" program which was a part of the center's speech program. Alex, who has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) entered the program knowing words, but was unable to effectively communicate with others. Ms. Salerno worked with Alex individually three times a week for two years. "She gave him the gift of language." says Mastowski.
Zumba® enthusiasts from across the county
showed their support for the cause. 

Raffles, prizes and a 50/50 drawing were part of the festivities, but anyone who knows what Zumba® is arrived in preparation of dancing to hypnotic beats and international sounds. An hour and a half dance program was led by the instructors who made the afternoon fun while sweating together! This energetic group raised over $1,200.00! These funds will be directly used by the Speech Department for new gym equipment.

To locate a Zumba® class near you, please visit www.zumba.com.


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