two thousand twenty
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SALUTE 2013, IT HAS ARRIVED Obviously you made it past the holidays or you would not be reading this issue. Your post has gained four members. We welcome Amanda Rank, Harley Baker, Doug Longyear and William Marvin. Active members make a post grow and carry on the American Legion message to America. Come and be active. Our long time, dedicated member of the House Committee, Harold van Houte, has stepped down to encourage others to do some bookkeeping with the bell jar games. It would be vastly appreciated if someone would step up to do the bell jar and small bit of paperwork, which takes only a few hours each month. One member has committed to help only if another shares the task. Come see us Saturday about noon to see how simple the task really is. HOUSEWARES, BOOTS AND WINTER APPARREL One way to get rid of excess winter apparel, shoes, small rugs, bedding items, books, draperies, housewares, small appliances, toys/games, and tools is to call the VVA---Vietnam Veterans of America at 1-800-459-8387.You can also do this on the web, by going to www.vvapickup.org. Once a month or as necessary the VVA can come to your residence and make an onsite pickup. Label the bags and boxes for VVA and set items out by 8 AM. Help them provide for needy veterans. They need your discards. DO YOU KNOW There is an inside post improvements such as 23 new bar stools with the name of the donor(s) identified on the back. We must congratulate our Sons for making the idea a reality, especially the spearheading of this success by Greg Frey. Area donors were AEY Enterprise, ALPCO Recycling, Bell’s Collision & Towing, Filer Powersports, Infinity Audio, Integrity Auto, KM Excavating, The Moshers, Northern Auto, Ms Janelle Plumb, Oopsie Daisies, Post 494 Sons, plus others. Also, all donors were sent hand written thank you notes by the post historian. MILITARY SPEAK Fox Channel news analyst Dana Perino had interviewed a navy SEAL and learned that he had been in many countries. Dana asked if the SEALS had to learn many languages. “Oh, no maa’am, we don’t go there to talk.” Before General Norman Schwarzkopf passed on, an interviewer had asked if he thought there was room for forgiveness toward the people who harbored the terrorists who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks on America. In classic Schwarzkopf bluntness, he said, “I believe that forgiving them is God’s function. Our job is to arrange the meeting.” Prime Minister Winston Churchill speaking against the Nazi regime declared, “We sleep in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” RECEIPT OR RECIPE Since most families are much smaller today, this recipe from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains is so simple I could almost make it if the wife would let me in the kitchen for something other than emptying the trash. --- Surrendered Pork Chops in Apple Pie Filling --- Ingredients: 4 to 6 Pork chops, Sirloin boneless, 1 can Apple Pie filling, light or sugar free, 1 package Stove Top stuffing, chicken, pork or turkey 1. Grease bottom of small roaster or 9” by 13” pan and layer apple pie filling on bottom of pan 2. Layer pork chops on top of apples 3. Cook Stove Top stuffing per instructions on the box 4. Cut up, fine chopped carrots, celery, onion and 2 cloves of garlic to make1/2 cup each item 5. Add chopped veggies to stuffing and cover pan. 6. Pre-heat oven to 350° and cook for 1-1/2 hour [Enjoy!] ******* UPCOMING EVENTS Dart Tournament, an evening event, to be held at Post 494 is sponsored by the Sons and will be February or early March. Exact date is TBD. Four Chaplains Service to be held in Newark on February 3. Time TBD. Super Bowl Sunday Party, February 3, is good day to join others to yell and shout as you root for your AFC or NFC team of preference. Bring a dish to pass and be there any time after 4:30 pm. February 28 is the first blood drive of the year at the Macedon Public Library. Time is 10 am to 3 pm. Ham Dinner at post on March 9 to raise funds to send a girl to Girls State at Brockport College this summer. FOUNDING FATHERS’ THOUGHTS Daniel Webster, both orator and statesman, was born on January 18th; here’s his summary of freedom. “Let our object be our country, the whole country and nothing but our country. And by the blessing of God, may that country itself become a vast and splendid monument, not of oppression and terror, but of wisdom, of peace, and of liberty, upon which the world may gaze for admiration forever.” After the field of stars was added to the flag, George Washington said, “We take the stars from Heaven, the red from the mother country, separating it by white stripes, thus showing that we have separated from her and the white stripes shall go down to posterity, representing liberty.” Post Historian, Mert Bartels POST OFFICERS Commander Steve Yuschak, 1st Vice Commander Wayne Worden, 2nd Vice Commander, Mert Bartels, Adjutant Dan Zimmer, Sgt of Arms TBD


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