two thousand twenty
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On Saturday, January 5th, people gathered to make peanut butter and birdseed birdfeeders in the Village of Macedon. These have been placed along the Butterfly Nature Trail in Macedon’s Canal Park for birds and other wildlife. It was great fun to be together, celebrating the wonderful wildlife surrounding us. Day by day we are experiencing the vintage wealth of our natural heritage in and throughout the Village of Macedon. Our Canal Park, home of the Butterfly Nature Trail, is an asset of profound treasure. To those who have experienced the trail, we suggest that you call your friends and invite them to join you in our next celebration of hope. Even though many other activities take up our time, it would be a powerful and supporting adventure if you, and those you choose to accompany you, could take time out of your busy lives and determine the once-in-a-lifetime potential of gaining perspective in the world of your choice--the Village of Macedon and all of its treasured points of interest which are ours to share. Looking back, we know that families used to slow down to “smell the roses” on the weekends. Today we move so fast that sometimes we forget to “just be” and share the dynamics of combined community involvement. Right before our eyes a choice appears where we can attend to these wonders in our own backyard with amazing grace. With our desire to make our home base a better place in which to live and share – we endeavor to ”keep our heads on straight” and determine the value of a place worth keeping. Celebrating the many businesses, people and products that made this day a special success, we move forward. We would especially like to thank the Country Max store of Palmyra, The Cornell Extension and The Macedon American Legion for their generosity. Each and every time we have asked of them, and sometimes even before we have asked, they have freely given. Thank you, friends. Thank you to those who will consider joining us in our newly developing programs, and thank you for the great fun we have all had planning good things for this community. It may seem naive, but that is the way we are. Come join us!


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