two thousand twenty
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ONE COMMON VOICE As I lift my eyes to the New Vision of Macedon Village, I am seeing the profound secularity of one who has served many for so long. I am seeing the Fire hall and the men and women who have served this community lifted to new dimensions of a regular job where they are actually paid for the time they spend, and held in high regard as a place that is certainly worthwhile in the community they serve.Their breakfasts are beyond compare, and many gather every month to celebrate community there. There is no other place in the town or village who serves such a purpose, and we are greatly blessed to have them. The musical concerts in the Canal Park last year were splendid, and again - there was a gathering of local peoples who celebrated the community as One Common Voice. More than ninety people gathered for the opening of The Butterfly Trail, and such a joyful day it was. Again, plans are being made for these celebrations including the Apple Pie, Etc. contest (yum) and anything else we - as a community team can approach as positive, and enlightening for our combined communities. In the days like these when actual community is difficult to find, we are experiencing a flowering of potential in the Village of Macedon. They have secured several fine grants which will help to extend upon these promises, and no matter how difficult it might seem to be at this moment in time, there is a new wave happening in the Village as a whole. I, for one am proud to be connected with this prospering of One Common Voice, and find myself encouraged except for the occasional deep tears I have experienced as I watch neighbor against neighbor causing great distress. We have reached an arena in time where everything is not to be measured in dollars and cents. Of course, the balancing of mutual budgets is required but that is only a matter of common sense. I would suggest that if you haven't taken the time to check out the opportunities now defining in and throughout the Village of Macedon, that you begin to pay attention to the positive influence of new ways of thinking, and a generalized desire to truly make a difference in this little corner of the Universe - Macedon, Village of high regard and potential place called "One common Voice" where peoples of different faiths and persuasions gather in the parks to celebrate not only the freedoms we now possess, but also the great privilege that it is to connect the dots - finding new and better ways to determine community. We came to visit as we actually live in the Town of Macedon, and made it our occasion to help lift this place to new and better days. I observe the terrible push and shoves beyond belief that have occurred there since who knows when, and I am greatly saddened by the inability of grown people to secure a common ground where there is room for all at the table of contented reality. May God continue to bless the fruits of all of their labors when it comes to Town and Village, and may the responsive Light of Hope not only begin to shine, but also radiate the promises of a safe haven for all concerned. We can and will do it. The collective promises remain as true, and despite all rumors to the contrary - there are many avenues of approach which have yet to be traveled, and I know within my heart of hearts that we have only just begun to make a difference in the new orientation of the Village of Macedon, and in the larger vision of the Town itself. I am blessed to have lived in this town for more than fifty years. My family helped to found it. Perhaps I am a Pollyanna type person, but I say to you, "it can be done." Thank you for sharing your time of day with me. Considering all aspects to the contrary, I see a great deal of hope profounding in our Village. Please open your eyes to this potential, and when possible speak the words of peace that will mend old fences and gather good things for all who are not only taxpayers in the Village, but also in the Town. As a commitment to hope for all concerned, please pass this on. If you choose not to walk in this path, then so be it. Carol Elaine Deys, Speaking from my heart to all of yours


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2 Comments to "One Common Voice by Carol Elaine Deys"

  1. Books, ETC. Said,

    Being positive about our communities is so important to each person living there.

    Posted on Sat Mar 09, 11:21:00 AM EST

  2. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Saw "More Joy" on the sidewalk in front of Books, ETC during my drive-by yesterday, and I carried the thought with me.

    Posted on Fri May 03, 10:34:00 AM EDT


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