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 Submitted by: Robert Stopper, Lyons

They said they would, and they did! On Friday evening, May 17, 2013, the Gordon Family, Marcus, Katya, Cedar, and Lamar, aboard Amicus II, docked overnight in Lyons on the Erie Canal. This is the second trip on the Erie Canal for the Gordon family.  They are returning from Bermuda and heading west to their home port of Knife River, MN.      

Gordon Family aboard Amicus II
 The Amicus II, a custom built 40’ steel cutter, has been home to the family for the past 8 months.  It has carried the family thousands of miles.  It protected them during Hurricane Sandy.   It has also been a unique experience for the two daughters as they have been home-schooled on a floating classroom!

When asked what was special about going to school on the water, Cedar replied, “I have lots of time to read about boats and learn about them and study history”. Lamar also has a special interest in the nautical way of life and is an avid artist.   Both girls expressed an interest and enjoyment in reading “about the world” with their parents!

Mark and Katya are owners and operators of Amicus Adventure Sailing. They provide sailing adventures on the waters of Lake Superior and elsewhere. On land, both Mark and Katya are veteran and very experienced wilderness survival leaders!

On October 4, 2012, during a pouring rainstorm, the Gordons, aboard  Amicus II, waved “Hello” as they  exited Lock E 27 and headed east on their way to Bermuda. Mark yelled, “See you next  May when we will stay longer!”  It is May, and true to their word, they have returned, stopped, and visited! And they promised to return in several years!  

For more information about the life and adventures of the Gordon family, visit    http://www.amicusadventuresailing.com/ .      


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