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Mid-Lakes Navigation canal boat rentals, with bikes
SUBMITTED by Robert Stopper (3-May-2013)

The next time you see a boat on the Erie Canal, stop and take a second look. Chances are more than excellent that you will see several bikes on board the vessel. Why bikes? Where do boaters go on those bikes? Boaters are “hardy folks” – they want to experience as many sights and sounds along the Canalway as possible. Once boaters have walked or biked a local community, they frequently explore the “blue” highways of the county.

Examples of boaters biking blue highways in Wayne County include the following: Many boater tourists bike to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary in Savannah. Did you know that boaters have docked in Clyde and then biked to see and ride the Live Steamer Trains in Marengo? Boaters from Ithaca have stopped in Lyons and then biked to the Sauerkraut Festival in Phelps. Other boaters have docked in Lyons and then biked to the Lighthouse at Sodus Point. Boaters have docked in Newark and then biked to the Bluegrass Festival and the Apple Shed in Fairville. Boaters have docked in Palmyra and biked to the Wayne County Fair and the Mormon Pageant; and, boaters have docked in Macedon and then biked to the Lumberjack Festival.

The Erie Canalway is more than just a waterway flowing through Wayne County. It is more than just boats passing through a lock. It is more than just a few people from “elsewhere” eating at a local hot dog stand. It is more than “strangely dressed people” wearing backpacks and riding funny looking bicycles.

Yes, the Erie Canalway is a collage in motion: photographers at historic locks, new and vintage boats from around the world, kayak and canoe enthusiasts on side streams, hikers on trails, and bikers on blue highways riding to local pageants, festivals, evening concerts, and local farm markets--tourism at its best!

For more information about Wayne County community festivals, sights and sounds check www.waynecountytourism.com.


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