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Buffalo High School crew team, 2012
To the People of Palmyra Village & Town and Friends of Palmyra,

On behalf of Mayor Christopher Piccola and the Palmyra Village Board, I am pleased to invite you to be part of a new, worthwhile and enjoyable initiative. Palmyra plans to create a cadre of Harbor Hosts. A Harbor Host is a volunteer who meets and greets our visitors at the Port of Palmyra Marina whether they come by boat, by car or bus, or on foot or bike off the trail.

The Harbor Host will answer questions about Palmyra and its history, offer brochures, provide directions, and generally be a resource. Maps and an annually updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) booklet are available for support. Schedules will be arranged to meet the volunteers' schedules. More important than the factual information that may be provided by the Harbor Host is the friendly smile that accompanies it.

To be part of this effort please leave your name, phone number and/or email address at the Village Hall, 315-597-48 You will be glad you did - and so will out visitors. Thanks for considering this.


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