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   Do you like meeting new people? Sharing stories about your community and its history? Providing information and directions to visitors? If you said yes to any of these questions then you have the makings of a fine Harbor Host and Palmyra wants you.
The Port of Palmyra Marina
     Each year thousands of people come .to the village by boat, their own vehicles,  on a tour bus or by bike or on foot off the Canal Trail. They have all sorts of questions about a wide variety of things and need someone to ask.  There is nothing like a warm greeting and a smile from a local person to make them feel welcome and happy to have come. You can make that happen when you answer those questions,
    Support materials - maps, brochures and a booklet of  Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQs) are availabe, so you are not on your own. Scheduling will be tailored to your needs.  If you would like more information or are ready right now to join us in this undertaking, call the Palmyra Village Hall, (315) 597-4849 and leave your contact information. You'll be happily surprised at how much you will enjoy being a Harbor Host. Thanks for considering this. Note: I never said that you had to live in he village to be a Harbor Host. You don't.


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