two thousand twenty
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Written by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel Some of us are afraid of the rain, and some consider it a great adventure! Those hearty souls who dared to venture forth through the damp and definitely soggy weather, gathered Thursday night to celebrate the Community Concert Series at Macedon Canal Park - that is, we had Music in the Park. Well, Music it was! The squirrels and chipmunks must have wondered what happened to their quiet space when the tunes started jumping! It was the Crossmolina Group - a mixture of Irish, Folk and Country who strutted their stuff - entertaining all of us in their own inimitable way. Our Lady of the fabulous Main Street Gingerbread Shoppe, Laurie, was one of the star performers and that girl can play a really mean fiddle! As I sat there at the picnic table, under the dry safety of the pavilion, I visualized the beautiful mural that will soon grace the side of this building. Heard through the grapevine that there is a matching dollar for dollar grant inspired by the blessed courtesy of our new Van Bortel Chevrolet business owner. A summer job has been created for the addition of this mural, and we are on our way to a fun, and inspiring picture of the historical past painted right before our eyes. Heard also that this project will be ongoing at Van Bortel's Chevrolet who will also serve as its welcome host. Isn't it wonderful when community co-operates? How easily good things are accomplished! If you would like to help with this ongoing project, please call 986-2302 for further information. The donations are quickly coming in from so many places who have also been inspired by the work that is being done. I also remembered times when many were gathered to celebrate the village as a whole. I missed some of the faces of by/gone times and those who served so diligently upon our former restoration teams. In the deepest part of my heart I prayed for healing for this extended community, wishing for only the highest and best for all concerned. Knowing that they are always welcome, I ventured forth to visualize a day when this would happen and we would be blessed to be "family" again. A "family" - that is, a true family, takes care of its own and the Macedon Canal Park belongs to all of us. Of course, it goes without saying that the Butterfly Trail is being used daily - and every time we visit there, there is something new to see. We had delicious food cooked by the Macedon Fire Department, and the blessings of watching one little boy totally enjoy not only his little paper plate with one large cheesie on it - but also the puddle he found in the middle of all of the land surrounding. Drawn by the definite need to stomp, stomp, stomp (perhaps inspired by the music) - his passion brought us joy, and we remembered being there ourselves at many times in space. Stepping back a few days - on Tuesday evening we took a ride to check out our Butterfly Trail and ran into some seasoned bicyclists who had camped overnight in the park. They had nothing but good to say about the area, and suggested just a few things to improve upon their comfort zone. Some of their suggestions were: a shower where they could freshen up on their journey and some sort of an area where they could see the numbers posted for local restaurants - especially those with delivery. Fortunately they had a runner car with them, and pizza was secured for their supper. They even offered some to us! Planners of the Town and Village take heed! Currently we are experiencing two new businesses in our village - The Purple Painted Lady and Salvatore's Pizza. Like springtime, we are blossoming again! How can it not be a good thing happening? Let there be a continual light that shines on us all, elevating our conscious awareness to new levels of appreciation for all of the good that can still be accomplished in our Town and Village of Macedon, New York. Better still, let there be an expanding healing Light that covers us all!


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